Create Your Change!

The Three Keys to Facilitate Change: Think Better, Eat Better, Move Better!

The biggest challenge in fitness is not to our bodies, but to our minds!

Every plan to lose weight or get “fit” starts with a thought.  It may be a thought of being healthier, a thought of losing unwanted pounds, or a thought of happier times and smaller waistlines, but nevertheless, it is a single thought that will provoke an action.  In fact, weight loss finds success and failure with these thoughts! Change requires a tremendous amount of will power, determination and commitment.  Without these factors, the best exercise and nutrition plan may not work.  The bottom line is that your mind has to be “fit” before your body can follow.  Let’s begin today with a simple decision to think different.

Changing your habits is not an easy task.  However, to quote an influential spiritual leader, Buddha, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.  That is an extremely powerful statement.   The power of change is in your hands, which means the most successful exercise we can begin with is the one that develops your mind.  When you can get your mind “fit”– learn to think better, healthier – then your body will follow.  Take 5 minutes today to begin conditioning your thought process.  What does fitness mean to you and what actions are you willing to take today to begin moving toward a healthier life?

About Micheal Clark

Founder & CEO - Fusionetics ( Chief Science Officer - Sharecare Founder -NASM Team Physical Therapist - Phoenix Suns. Dr. Mike Clark is recognized as a leader in human performance. He is the founder of Fusionetics, which is a web-based human performance optimization company that is focused on revolutionizing injury prevention, performance optimization, and recovery enhancement. Dr. Clark is the founder of NASM and the Optimum Performance Training System as well as the Corrective Exercise System. He also serves as the Chief Science Officer for Sharecare (a comprehensive health improvement web platform - created by the Founder of WebMD). Dr. Mike Clark is entering his 14th season as the team physical therapist for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. He has served as a sports medicine professional for 2 Olympic games. He has also served and continues to serve as a sports medicine consultant and specialist for numerous pro teams and his list of athlete-clients includes MVP’s, All-Stars and Champions from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and the Olympic games. Dr. Clark is also a noted lecturer and author. He has authored 3 scientific textbooks, over 40 textbook chapters, and multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers in the areas of sports medicine, sports performance, and fitness. Dr. Clark also has written 2 consumer books. Academically, Dr. Clark has helped spearhead the development of several accredited online health science education programs, including a BS program, 2 Master's Degree Programs, and one Doctoral program. Education: DPT: Rocky Mountain University MS - Human Movement Science: €”University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill BS - Physical Therapy (BS): University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse