Change Your Mindset

This is the easiest and most immediate thing you can change; often the hardest thing to change.

Reading through the book Mindset, by Dr. Carol Dweck, I found it interesting how impactful your thoughts can be on your actions and your achievements.  According to Dr. Dweck, individuals are influenced by two different mindsets, a change mindset or a fixed mindset.  The fixed mindset may look at set-backs as failures, making them feel incompetent and giving them permission to mentally beat up on themselves for not succeeding.  For those with a fixed mindset, perfection is the destination and they often allow themselves little room for setbacks.

Growth mindset individuals are by no means perfect, but they look at setbacks as learning challenges.  The growth mindset allows for failures and often uses them as the spark to ignite more determination in their goals.  Using a growth mindset we can always learn and change beyond what we are – we simply need to allow ourselves the room to grow.  These mindsets play out in the fitness realm every day.  In fact, this past week you may have felt a setback if you helped yourself to more than you should have during your Thanksgiving meal or didn’t allow yourself time to exercise throughout the week.

In the fixed mindset, you may have mentally beaten yourself up, telling yourself you will never reach your goals, and potentially given up on your goals because you find the setback too large to overcome.  Is this you?  The growth mindset individuals might have had the same breakdown this past week, but instead of beating themselves up, they use it as a learning tool to understand what steps they could have taken so that the next time they are in a similar situation – they can make better choices.

If you find yourself in the fixed mindset, allow yourself to venture into a growth mindset.  How you perceive yourself and the events in your life can help you overcome the struggles you have.  If you are trying to lose weight – try a growth minded approach, learning from both your successes and your failures, rewarding your efforts as you move toward your goals and allowing yourself room to change- free from your own internal judgments.

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